Pre Press And Digital Plate Processing For Flexography

Unicorn Flexo Graphics is a flexo pre-press house which processes digital photopolymer plates for all kinds of narrow web, mid-web, wide-web printing presses which is suitable for labels, flexible packaging and corrugation boxes.

We have a state of the art imaging unit of Esko CDI Spark 50" x 80" and Kodak flecel nX mid imager with processing unit of Dupon Cyrel 3000 series. 

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Esko CDI Spark 5080

Esko CDI Spark 5080 Flexo Imager

This imager has a maximum plate size of 50" x 80" (1270 x 2032mm) and comes with high optics and HD flexo and pixel+Screening.

Kodak NX

Kodak Flexcel NX

The Flexcel NX system is designed for a wide range of mainstream packaging applications and uses unique technologies to deliver results that surpass those achievable with traditional digital flexographic plate. This technology brings design freedom, predictability and consistency to flexography. 

Dupont Cyrel Dryer & Finisher

Dupont Cyrel 3000 Dryer & Finisher 3000EC

Plate dryer, light finisher and post exposure is designed for frying photopolymer plates up to a format size of 1270 x 2032mm


BASF Nyloflex Combi CWX

Water washable plate making unit which is used for various types of printing applications such as Label, Security printers, letter press, embossing blocks, etc. It has automatic washer system so it is known as hands free machine.

XSYS Exposure

XSYS Exposure 50 x 80

UV exposure for digital nylo plates which are capable to expose minimum percentage of dot; it can expose plate size up to 50" x 80"

Dupont Cyrel 3000 PS

Dupont Cyrel 3000 PS

Dupont Cyrel 3000 PS is capable of processing high quality photopolymer plates up to a format of 1320 x 2250mm (52" x  88")